Comparison of local RSS readers for Android

March 2022

Readify is my current RSS client



Article: entry from a feed

OPML: file containing a list of feeds



Fork of spaRSS, which is forked from Flym and Sparse RSS. Available on IzzyOnDroid F-Droid repository

+ Can search for RSS feeds using

+ Detailed errors when a fetch fails

+ Advanced RSS configuration: Filters, auth cookies, HTTP auth

+ Can swipe between articles on the reading screen

+ Favicons on feed list

+ Shows article author

+ Can scroll with mousewheel

-- Last commit from 2018 (at the time of writing)

-- Cannot search a URL for feeds

- Cannot open-with Readify when clicking .atom URLs

- Small, circle thumbnails (personal preference)

- Scrollbar overlaps while dragging the rearrange feed icons sometimes

- While rearranging feeds the page doesn't automatically scroll. A work around is to scroll with another finger while moving a feed. If it doesn't work, restart the application.

- Large padding on the article list

- Cannot search feed sidebar, but you can search articles by feed source name

- No automatic dark theme switching

- No AMOLED theme


+ Can find RSS files from websites, not as powerful as Readify

+ Multiple list themes

+ Swipe from anywhere to open the drawer

+ Shortcut on reading page to view more articles from the source feed

+ AMOLED theme

- Cannot scroll with mousewheel

- Cannot swipe between articles on the reading screen

- Thumbnails on compact theme are on the right (personal preference)

- Cannot edit feeds from the sidebar (where feeds are selected)

- No favicons on feeds

~ No widget



+ Discover new feeds in-app, recommends searches using your folder names

+ Can select individual feeds to export to OPML

- Crashes (using latest beta)

- Cannot swipe between articles on the reading screen

- Cannot view a folders feeds, only open and collapse

Limited RSS compatibility


My old reader, wrote this page while looking for a more up to date alternative

+ Simple indication of a failed fetch

+ Translucent status bar and navbar while scrolling

+ Can scroll with mousewheel

- Does not support some feed types