Fedora Silverblue is an immutable desktop operating system. It aims to be extremely stable and reliable. It also aims to be an excellent platform for developers and for those using container-focused workflows.


Fedora Silverblue provides a very rock solid system making it ideal for daily desktop use. It's main source of applications is Flatpak, RPMs can be installed but require a system restart each time a RPM package is modified due to sandboxing reasons so it is only recommended for important system packages.

Silverblue uses Gnome, Kinoite is available if you want KDE




+ Very solid system

+ Vast amount of packages with Flatpak, RPM and Distrobox (AUR, DEB)

+ Minimal installation

+ Easy to use installation ISO

+ Most Fedora support forum advice and guides will work with Silverblue


- This unnecessary stuff

- SystemD

SystemD likes to hang on shutdown for 2 minutes very commonly for me

- Restart required for install, update and removal of RPM packages

- Containers have large filesizes

- Gnome-software can be buggy


~ Corporate owned distro

~ Doesn't come with video codecs, but will be fine if you use a video player with them built in

My Fedora Silverblue setup

Add RPMs

rpm-ostree install gnome-tweak-tool alacarte distrobox

gnome-tweak-tool - Tweak Tool

alacarte - Application menu editor (Flatpaks cause errors)

distrobox - Use other distros in containers, supports GUI applications

Remove RPMs

rpm-ostree override remove firefox gnome-tour

firefox - Use Flatpak for browsers

gnome-tour - Only used once on major updates

Add Flatpaks

Extension Manager - install Gnome shell extensions without a browser

Flatseal - Advanced flatpak permission manager GUI

Bottles - Run Windows programs easily (WINE GUI)


What Distrobox can do

What Distrobox can't do

Install your distro of choice in distrobox


Install Arch Linux in distrobox

distrobox-create --image docker.io/library/archlinux:latest -name arch

Name can be whatever you want it to be

Recommended: Add a terminal profile to start with "distrobox-enter arch" with a different colour scheme

distrobox-enter arch
sudo pacman -S --needed base-devel

install yay for AUR packages

yay nano

Add Chaotic-AUR for precompiled packages. For the last step on the page use nano to edit /etc/pacman.conf with:

sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

ctrl + s to save

yay pamac-aur

from Chaotic-AUR or AUR for pacman/AUR gui

sudo pamac-manager

Enable AUR with Hambuger menu > Settings > Third Party > Enable AUR support

Software to look out for

Pods (podman gui) for managing distrobox